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Numerous Reviews



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Flaunt your gorgeous legs!


Get Slimmer legs NOW!




Product reviews for 2B Skirt Ready


 Lesser hair growth. Lose some fats.
nearly finish with 1 tube but can really tell an obvious reduce on my leg. i notice my hair tend to grow slower than normal. will keep continue using it to get a even more obvious result =)
Cindy, Australia, 2010-07-16

 smooth legs!!!
The reason i used this product is because of the lesser hair and the tighten affect. so I would take a shower and exfoliate my thighs and legs and I would put on the product onto my thighs with circular motion until it's dry. So far it's been two weeks and I feel that it's a little tighter than before and i shave it just to try out if the hair would grow slower. well im not sure on the hair slowing process but def. tighter skin.
lily, San Francisco, 2010-03-12

 Love it!
I tried the product and in just a week i noticed that the hair in my legs lessen. I'm still using it and i'm hoping to see more results in 4 to 6 weeks of use.
Gloria Mejorada, Humble, 2010-02-15
 The Best..
I received this product today and I tried it and I like it, because no greasy, light and comfortable on my skin.. I recommend for everyone.
Henny Onsoe, Victoria Park, 2010-02-02

 Good for massage 
Every time?when I had a bath?I will massage it on my thigh according guide?it is amazing?it helps me more smoothly and more slimmer
Julia , Berlin, 2010-01-20

 I have no regret 
A little bit expensive?but my thigh looks tighter than 2 weeks ago?so I think it worth to buying
Coco , Singapore, 2009-12-17

 It’s great 
This product really does work! Especially on my thigh, for leg, a little effect. You should use it every night or else it is not going work, and you can massage it on like they tell you. On my opinion, it is a great product.
Lusi , Malaysia, 2009-11-06

 I love it alot!!!
My friend tired it and she said it works. I've been trying this product for 4 days and it makes my leg really soft. I love it so far and will continue to use it
Andrea , Vancouver, 2009-10-11
 "fuel in snowy weather” 
My friend give me 2B Skirt Ready as a birthday gift?it is really a great shot when I had been annoyed with my big leg?
Cora , Beijin, 2009-09-23
 sent forth a delicate fragrance 
With pleasant and sweet odor, more importantly, it is readily absorbed.
Donna , Kuala Lumpur, 2009-09-23

 It is really great 
I insist on keeping use this product every day?now?my skin looks smooth ?white and slender?
wilily , New Zealand, 2009-08-10




 Don't miss it!!! 




 2B Alternative has been in the market for more than 8 years.


2B has been receiving numerous compliments from users all over the world.


Taiwanese celebrity ?? loves 2B Alternative!


We are excited that 2B Alternative is finally available in Singapore!

Have you gotten yours?




Taiwanese celebrity ?? revealed her secret to having a gorgeous body!

?? demonstrate her massaging techniques to maximize slimming effect!


"No one will ever call me Elephant limbs again!! !#!gt!*!.!#!lt!*!  "

Watch video from 2:10 



From Hip to Ankle, a Complete Treatment:

2B Skirt Ready has revolutionized its formula, adding ingredients that act as the strongest diminution for fatty tissue, by which a more professional approach targets to leg’s given muscle tension, dropsy and bad blood circulation problem, and rewinds legs pore, act as the first and unique magic balm for restraining leg hair growth. From Hip to Ankle, it improves the shape of body after 4-6 weeks application, targets both Muscular and Dropsy Type; brings you fresh and radiant legs. 



Targets Muscular Legs:


Brand new French Ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 scientifically proven to block signal transduction of muscle. Skirt Ready further enhances blood circulation, helping legs to get rid of excess water by its diuretics. The adipose tissue metabolism can then be activated, which slims your legs and releases your true charm. 


New Benchmark to smooth and whiten legs. Removes leg hair:


Just a strawberry drop of 2B Skirt Ready perfects to nourish and hydrate your leg skin for 24 hours, providing necessary soothing active ingredients. 

Your legs will get supple, smooth, and then whitened. It unclogs your pore, with its new unique Leg Hair-off Formula, which prevents leg hair growth at its essential skin. Skirt Ready weakens and even restraints your leg hair growth, which perfects your leg, and even perfects you for skirts



2B Alternative Skirt Ready 120ml. It is a lower body slimming product that makes no more worries of wearing miniskirts. Effectively slims legs, controls growth of unwanted hair, improves lymphatic circulation, and whitens skin. Fresh and non-sticky, suitable for ladies who wish attractive, slim legs. Especially for metropolitan ladies who always sit in office or stand and walk for long hours. By massaging with this product, it improves blood circulation to create beautiful legs. 

how to use it
Size: 120ml/each

Take a strawberry amount of 2B Skirt Ready, apply to where it needs. Gently massage upwards from ankle to hip until fully absorbed by your skin. Recommended to use once a day after shower (once in day time and night time accordingly).


  • Do not use on injured parts or wounds.
  • For sensitive skin, please test on a small area first. Do not apply in the facial and breast part.
  • If irritation or hypersensitive situations occur, please stop using and seek medical advice.
  • Once opened, the product should by used within 6 months for the best active status.
  • Not recommended for pregnant women considering the high concentration of herbal extracts.
  • Do not apply in head and forehead.
  • External use only. Please keep out of the reach of children.

     INTO ARM !#!amp!*! BODY      SKIRT READY          FOR LEG          FOR FACE        MASK FOR FACE



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  INTO ARM !#!amp!*! BODY      SKIRT READY          FOR LEG          FOR FACE        MASK FOR FACE

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