READY STOCKS in SG : Authentic 3M N95 8210 8110S Mask/ Prevent MERS/ Virus/ Haze The Best Haze Mask against the Indonesia Forest Fires

Deal posted on 15 Sep 2015
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Authentic 3M Masks: Your best defence agsinst the haze and MERS

Do not use Fake 3M Masks that will endanger your life.

Do not use Expired 3M Masks

Verified Authenticity.


-Sourced from 3M China Distributor
-Every individual box for 8210 comes sealed with a 3M Hologram sticker. (if it does not come with a 3M hologram seal, the 8210 masks inside could be fake or switched with fake ones)
-Every 8210/8110 individual box/carton comes with a date of manufacture or date of expiry on the outside(why buy expired masks that will compromise your health? 8110 date of expiry will be shown in the carton boxes) 


Please note: If any seller does not know the date of expiry, the stocks are likely to be fake.

For self redemption customers, if there is no date of expiry on the individual boxes, you can check aginst the brown cartons that store the individual boxes. There are 3M stickers stating the date of expiry on the brown cartons.


Date of Expiry of our stocks: 2018

Brand: Genuine 3M Product
Product Code: 3M 8210 [A Box of 20 pieces of Face Masks]
Note: This size is suitable for normal adultsi¼OE seniorsi¼OE teenagers



Brand: Genuine 3M Product
Product Code: 3M 8110s [A Box of 20 pieces of Face Masks]
Note: This size is suitable for smaller faces and children 





Respiratory masksi¼OE such as N95 masksi¼OE are designed to keep out fine particulate matter and hencei¼OE protect the wearers from breathing in the smoke haze particles in the air. The mask should be changed when it gets soiled or distorted in shape. Surgical masks and paper masks do not provide adequate protection from the haze particles. Facemasks and N95 respirators are devices that may help prevent the spread of germs (viruses and bacteria) from one person to another. They are one part of an infection-control strategy that should also include frequent hand washing and social distancing.


Facemasks and N95 respirators should not be shared. Facemasks and respirators may become contaminated with germs (viruses and bacteria) that can be spread between people.

Source : FDA


For genuine N95 masksi¼OE pls make sure the brand and model is in the certified list.


  • Certified masks are supposed to have the labels on the masks.
  • Name of Approval holder/manufacturer business namei¼OE a registered trademarki¼OE or an easily understood abbreviation of the applicant/approval holder's business name as recognized by NIOSH. When applicablei¼OE the name of the entity to which the FFR has been private labeled by the approval holder may replace the approval holder business namei¼OE registered trademarki¼OE or abbreviation of the approval holder business name as recognized by NIOSH.
  • NIOSH in block letters or the NIOSH logo
  • NIOSH Testing and Certification approval numberi¼OE e.g. TC-84A-XXXX.
  • NIOSH filter series and filter efficiency leveli¼OE e.g. N95i¼OE N99i¼OE N100i¼OE R95i¼OE P95i¼OE P99i¼OE P100
  • Model Number or part number: The approval holder's respirator model number or part numberi¼OE represented by a series of numbers or alphanumeric markingsi¼OE e.g. 8577 or 8577A.



The authentic China Chinese versions of 8210 N95 masks will come with a 3M authenticity seal.





 photo 123_zps6dffdc3a.jpg

 photo 12345_zps18a44ec2.jpg


For genuine N95 masksi¼OE pls make sure the brand and model is in the certified list.



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