INNISFREE Green tea foam cleanser 150mL

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Product introduction

innisfree green tea cleansing foam

1. Foam cleanser with rich bubbles so that it can clean up dirt in the pores. 
Green beauty tea with natural ingredients as a cleanser so that it feels moist advance washing. 

2. A smooth gel free
Cleanser without Bubble  Cleanser A smooth gel moisturize the skin without feeling stiff.

How to use

Remove the product and then foam with water in hand. Apply on a gentle massage to warm water until clean. 


innisfree green tea cleansing foam ingredients

Beauty Green Tea from Jeju is just for Innisfree 1 skin  Green tea is a special moisturizer made after studying 2,401 varieties of green tea in search of moisture that that will realize the ideal skin conditions. Korea, the ingredient is very effective in making amino acids, which are very effective as a skin moisturizer. Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0 ™ is updated with the double squeez extract method. Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0 ™ extracted from nutrients from fresh green tea leaves, contains 16 types of Amino acid which is 3.5 times more efficient.


1. Rinse immediately with water when exposed to eyes 

2. Stop using and immediately contact a doctor if they appear: 
(-) Red, swollen, itchy, and other signs of allergies 
(-) If there are signs of allergies in skin after exposure to sun 

3. Don't use skin wounds, eczema, and other skin allergies. 

4. Suggestion for storage 
(-) Make sure the packaging is closed after use. 
(-) Keep out of reach of children 
(-) Avoid extreme in storage (high and low) and exposed to direct sunlight

innisfree green tea cleansing foam review 01
innisfree green tea cleansing foam review 02innisfree green tea cleansing foam review 03
innisfree green tea cleansing foam review 04
innisfree green tea cleansing foam review 05

Brand Identity

innisfree's 5 Promises:

1.  We pursue healthy beauty through "reliable ingredients."
2. We pursue "smart consumption" by providing various good-quality products at reasonable prices.
3.  We continue to include eco-friendly "green design" to leverage on the rich
benefits of nature.
4.  Eco-friendly "green life" practice to preserve the wellbeing of nature.
5.  We offer "holistic sensory experience" based on the diversity of pure nature.


Jeju, origin of innisfree

Our products are created with high quality ingredients originated from Jeju, 
the island where pure nature exists. A brand that is well loved and trusted by our customers, from Korea to all over the world.



Jeju, the home of the four energies of pure nature, where harmony lives within. Innisfree pursues healthy beauty natural ingredients from the pure Jeju Island.


# 1 
Jeju Organic Green Tea Fields

Story of Reliable


Organic green tea at Seogwang Tea Garden in Jeju. The main ingredient in this free Green Tea line delivers innate energy and rich nutrients to your skin.

# 2 
Fair Trade at Jeju Camellia and Bija Villages

innisfree gives back to
the local communities

Fair Trade

Innisfree ensures "Fair Trade" with Halmang, local elderly female residents, who are fallen camellia petals at Jeju Camellia Village. This promotes the well-being and preservation of the local communities, and has been extended to Jeju Bija Village as well.

Innisfied is a joy to give back to the local communities by following the law of nature. The local residents at Jeju are happy with this arrangement as it helps reduce carbon footprint to improve their social wellbeing.


# 3 
Gotjawal, the secret of evergreen forest in Jeju

The Protector of Natural Wonders



Somewhere hidden in the hills of Jeju, there is a secret untouched forest for more than a thousand years. It is known as Gotjawal by the locals in Jeju. Grown in fertile lands with volcanic rocks, abundant moisture, making the forest warm event in winter. It attracts many botanists and scientists from the World Conservation Congress to conduct observation research here. innisfree also puts in effort to protect Gotjawal, the evergreen and clean forest of Jeju.




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