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Pure !#!amp!*! Natural essential oil 10ml

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12.12 SPECIAL 5 for $9.90!!

After that price will be $24 EACH!

Citronella oils is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy It is known to be used for preventing colds, fever ], headache and muscle ache It is also one of the most widely use oil for repelling mosquitoes, insects, fleas and bugs Protect your family from Zika. Can be use in humidifiers, tea-light burner or simply apply it with body lotion or scent your clothes

LemonGrass Essential Oil  

  • Lemon grass has a very beautiful light and lemony scent
  • A very popular oil from the tropics widely used in the aromatherapy industry
  • Great insect-repellent
  • Anti-bacterial,anti-fungal and anti-oxidant
  • Used for relieving muscle ache
  • Stimulating, relaxing, soothing and balancing


Lavender Essential Oil  

  • Lavender has always been favourite of many for relaxation, reducing stress and induccing sleep
  • It has a sweet floral scent with herbal and balsamic tones
  • Commonly used in Spas, homes and perfumery industry

Orange Essential Oil  

  • Sweet, refreshing and citrusy
  • Use as immunity enhancer
  • Natural Anti-bacterial
  • Circulation booster
Peppermint Essential Oil  
Healing purpose
Effective pain killer
Relief cold and sinus
Reduce hunger craving
Joint and muscle therapy
Natural bug and insect repellent
Reduces nausea etc

Tea Tree Essential Oil  
Anti-fungal and anti-viral
Good for treating achne, pimples, cuts, wound, nail fungi, dandruff etc

BREATHE will continue to introduce top quality Pure !#!amp!*! Natural Essential oils
to our customers at a very affordable price by importing directly in bulk 
from top overseas distillers

BREATHE® Products sold in

Australia ? New Zealand ? Japan ? Ecuador ? Mexico ? United Kingdom ? Italy ? Greece ? Cypress ? Malaysia ? Maldives ? Myanmar  and many other countries worldwide


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