LOCKnLOCK Paket Promo Special Dapat 2 Food Container dan 1 Botol Minum - HPL808 + HPL807 + HPL931N

Deal posted on 13 Nov 2018
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Lock!#!amp!*!Lock Paket Promo Special

Beli 2 Food Container GRATIS Mixer Bottle

Tempat makan ini memiliki beberapa kelebihan :

Material Polypropylene
Polypropylene merupakan salah satu material yang telah melewati proses produksi di bawah uji coba panas dan bahan kimia untuk mendapatkan kekuatan yang lebih baik dibandingkan material lain pada umumnya. Karena dibuat dengan material yang tidak main-main, peralatan makan keluaran dari LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK menjadi lebih tahan lama.Aman di MicrowaveKarena terbuat dari material dasar Polypropylene, produk-produk LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK juga dapat dimasukan kedalam microwave, bahkan bisa langsung anda masukan setelah dikeluarkan dari kulkas. Silahkan anda buka penutupnya pada saat dimasukan kedalam microwave tersebut.

Bebas BPA
Bisphenol A (BPA) merupakan bahan kimia kontroversial yang terdapat pada lapisan kaleng makanan, botol air tertentu dan banyak lagi. Beberapa peneliti telah menghubungkan adanya efek perilaku dan perkembangan yang kurang baik pada anak-anak karena bahan kimia yang meniru hormon tersebut. Karena bahaya tersebut, LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK menggunakan material yang bebas BPA hingga aman digunakan oleh anda dan sekeluarga.

Sistim penguncian 4 sisi
Penutup menggunakan sistim penguncian 4 sisi dengan seal, menjadikannya kedap air dan udara, sehingga makanan anda dapat terjaga lebih lama dibandingkan menggunakan produk lainnya.Desain Simple dan Bening.Didesain agar anda dengan mudah dapat membuka, menutup dan melihat isi didalamnya.

1. What material is used in LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Plastic tableware?

We can hardly find anything in which plastic has not been used. The material we call "Plastic” actually has quite a variety of types. There are 38 plastics approved for food containers included in "cooking utensils, containers and packaging” by Korea Food !#!amp!*! Drug Administration such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE). Among all, LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK uses Polypropylene (PP) and Tritan™ as main materials for our products.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is approved plastic for food container by Korea Food !#!amp!*! Drug Administration, which is irrelevant to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs). It is translucent, appropriate and very useful to use for food containers in the kitchen with the temperature of -20?~120?. For such reason, it is widely used as storage container for refrigerator or microwave. Its impact resistance is also outstanding, which makes it safe to use at home with children as it does not break easily.


2. LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Plastic Tableware Features

? Astonishing Sealing

LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK airtight containers have "Hollow cylinder silicon” and "4 sides interlocking” that locks twice, presenting the most astonishing sealing power compared to other brand products.

100% ???

? Excellent Durability

With "Hinge (folding part of the lid wings)” and patent technology of "Blocking hole” of LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK, our airtight containers show an excellent durability that guarantees more than 3 million times of open and close. They can also withstand rapid temperature change such as rapid freezing or defrosting that makes it usable in the microwave and dishwasher, giving a great convenience to users.

??? ???

? 40% increase in Space Efficiency

LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK airtight containers are excellent for efficient space organization as scientifically designed from the product development stage such as stacking upward and to the side. You can enjoy maximum 40% of more space in your refrigerator by using and organizing with LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK airtight containers.

???? ?? 40% ?? ??

? LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Quality achieves recognition in Europe

Oko Test in Germany: LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK graded as the First Class!

Oko Test, known as the leading consumer report in Europe has conducted an examination among airtight containers of 15 brands from all over the world including Germany, Italy, Swiss, United States and China. They carried out such a thorough evaluation in 12 fields such as ?Safety of material, ?Sealing power, ?Durability, ?Open/close function of lid, ?Microwave usability, ?Heated food storage ability, ?Condition of food when taken out of container, ?Product discoloring test and ?Easiness of Cleaning. As a result, "LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK” has been selected as one of the First Class (seht gut) brand out of two winners.

3. Q!#!amp!*!A on Plastic tableware

? Will there be BPA(Bisfenol A) created when hot food touches the plastic tableware?

The only material related to EDCs out of all plastics used for kitchenware or tableware is 1 type of PC out of 38 types of plastic under Korea Food !#!amp!*! Drug Administration management. Main materials used in plastic cooking utensils or containers in Korea are Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). They do not contain any suspected EDCs such as Phthalate or Bisphenol A. Therefore, there will be no BPA(Bisfenol A) generated in plastic tableware even when it is in contact with or has very hot food in.

? What does the number written on the bottom of plastic products mean?

It represents the classification of plastics by material by International Standard Organization (ISO) for recycling purpose. Number 7 (also written as "Others”) in particular, represents the group of new materials that are not commonly used, in which plastics that do not contain bisphenol A, a suspected EDC are belong.

? Recycling mark is irrelevant to environmental hormones

LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Rectangular Tall Food Container 850ml HPL808

LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Rectangular Food Container 470ml HPL807

LOCK!#!amp!*!LOCK Water Bottle 470ml With Mixer HPL931N

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