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Deal posted on 14 Sep 2018
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Perfection Rich Curling Eye Mascara 4g
Black HERA_Great volume_Brand New + Gifts

Sold in Ebay $28.48 USD

Crystal Beauty Price $16.90 include free normal mail

Lasting 12 hours

Sweat, tears, winking, there will be no halo situation

Another good shaping effect, achieve the lasting curling effect

At the same time a quick drying effect, so to remind you

One of the best eye brush brush again another ~ because dry up very quickly ~


Many Korean artists are also super love

Served in the Korean television program has been repeatedly recommended Oh ~ ~ ~

The most important is it is a nutritional supplement to lash mascara

A lot of people after long-term use of mascara eyelashes easily become fragile

This is to protect the eyelashes, so do not worry after use will damage the eyelash!!!


Designed for Asians’ straight eyelash, the rich and firm curl lasts 
for 12 hours  The soft and highly elastic brush creates beautiful curl 
and volume from the base of the eyelash. 
The curl stays fixed for 12 hours, thanks to the light pigment 
particle which is 1/10 of the normal products. 
Renewed dark-night pigment ‘Rich Black’ for more defined 
and stronger eyes The average size of the ultra-fine dark-night pigment, 
created with micro-dispersion technology, is 0.07um
 - whereas that of normal black pigment is 0.5um ? creating 
stronger and deeper black. 
Elastic and glossy eyelash with more than 10% of natural 
conditioning ingredients The eyelash conditioning formula based on 
over 10 % of natural ingredients, panthenol, and tocopherol brings elasticity 
and shine to the eyelash while allowing for more smooth brushing.
Moisturizing effect for 8 hours 
The more the root a tree has, the stronger the tree maintains itself. Like this, 
the polymer as a newly developed double X structure broadens the area that is adhered to
skin and keeps the moisturized skin. Also, the lipstick adheres easily to the lip and helps 
its color and moisture last longer.
?How to use
Push up your eyelid with a finger and bring the Lashful Waterproof Mascara 
brush close to the roots of your eyelashes, then smoothly comb up from 
the roots in a zigzag motion. Finally, slowly roll the brush outward to align the 
lashes with uneven lengths.

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