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"Love !#!amp!*! Life. Better with wine"
Nano Resvera - world's 1st non-alcohol red wine

NANO Resvera is 0% alcohol and HALAL certified
100% suitable for Muslim faithfuls. ^^

The Most Valuable !#!amp!*! Natural

100% Alcohol-less Pinot Noir
(organic pinot grapes from Oregon, USA. and Distilled in Japan)


(1) weight-loss comfortably
(2) firming of figure/ "love handles"
(3) reduce tiredness/ aches

(4) classy !#!amp!*! delicious

(^^3 ... See what pretty mummy - Kelynn
has gotta say about Resvera... @}~~~~

Taiwan news: ANTI-AGING features of Resveratrol + Polyphenols [4:21min]



Taiwan "Primetime" news featuring Japan research on Resveratrol [1.56min]


(Made In Japan)



 * Improves Blood Circulation *

* Enhances Face Radiance *

* Boosts Fats Metabolism/ Burn *


Source: As seen on Todays' Newspaper 4-Apr (Fri) Edition...............................................









[1] What is Nano Red Wine made of?

Nano Red Wine is made of the best quality organic pinot noir grapes imported from Oregon, USA. Using advanced Japanese distillation technology, the grapes are "fermented" using yeast-culturing method, bypassing the alcoholic-production stage. The result is a non-alcoholic Pinot Noir Red Wine that tastes exactly like Red Wine, with more powerful health, beauty and slimming benefits of Red Wine, only without the alcoholic content!

Nano Red Wine is 100% made in Japan and flown to Singapore directly.




[2] Is Nano Red Wine "HALAL" and muslim-friendly?

Nano Red Wine is fully certified HALAL by the Islamic Food Research Council (IFRC) which is also a World HALAL Council (WHC) executive member organization based in Malaysia and HK. Nano Red Wine is also certainly highly recommended for vegetarian lovers who do not take alcoholic beverages as well due to health and/ or faiths reasons.




[3] So, it is suitable for expecting and lactating mothers?

Certainly! Without the traditional fermenting methods of red wine, no alcohol is found in it. Moreover, it does not have any harmful preservatives (e.g. sulphur dioxide) that you would find in most red wine too. Nano Red Wine is also tested in Singapore accredited government laboratories against toxins, heavy metals and is guaranteed safe for all.

It is 100% suitable for mothers!




[4] If I am taking other supplements, would it "clash" with them?

So long as they are not "medications" or "drugs", Nano Red Wine go very well with almost any health or beauty supplements that you are taking. In fact, it is also a great beverage with your lunch or after food as a "digester"!

Nano Red Wine is a powerful anti-oxidant that works for the body against accelerated aging, poor healths and many modern ailments due to our hectic lifestyles and unregulated food habits.




[5] And what if myself or my parents are taking medications, can they drink Nano Red Wine too?

The purpose of drinking Nano Red Wine is to improve one's personal well-being naturally and biologically. With the hope of being medication-free one day, common medicines elderly take nowadays are against cholesterol, hypertensions, diabetic conditions and etc... It is highly recommended by Japanese scientists that they drink Nano Red Wine as a health functional product alongside their normal diet for daily health improvement. They should drink Nano Red Wine after lunch or 2 hours before/ after taking any medications or drugs. Nano Red Wine is also diabetic-friendly as well.




[6] Is young children suitable to drink Nano Red Wine?

Certainly! Nano Red Wine contains only natural ingredients, without any chemical, preservatives, additives, colorings, and according to the highest GMP standards of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor Welfare (MHLW). Young children refers to minors aged 6 years old and above.




[7] How much should I drink a day. Should I add water to it?

It is recommended to drink Nano Red Wine once a day or at least 3 to 5 times weekly for long-term health benefits. About 40ml to 50ml each time. You can drink more (or in fact, the whole bottle) without any problem too! ^^D

It is ready-to-drink. Like normal red wine, it is not necessary to add water to it. You can drink directly after pouring it into a glass or cup or mug. Add ice cubes or chilled for the ultimate luxurious enjoyment!




[8] When is the best time to drink Nano Red Wine?

Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, Nano Red Wine can actually be taken throughout the day without a fixed time or direction. However, it is suggested that you can take Nano Red Wine with and/ or after your lunch or dinner!!! To help in digestion, boosts blood circulation and metabolize fats more efficiently by your body!




[9] What should I do after opening?

You should replace the screw-cap tightly, after opening, each time. Store it well in a refrigerator. Each bottle of Nano Red Wine should be consumed within one (1) month after the first opening.




[10] Can I add Nano Collagen into Nano Red Wine for the complete beauty and health enhancement?

Hahaha! Of course! What you will get is a fragrant "milky" red wine and an amazing face and health to enjoy by yourself and people around you!!! Try it and you will love it!!! *(^^D/* 















100% Money Back Guaranteed!
To give you a peace of mind, you will receive your money back if you don't receive your products within 30 days from
the date of your pre-order booking/ purchase!

* * * Copyright © NANO JAPAN All Right Reserved 2016/ 17 * * *

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