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Qoo10 Ranked NO.1 Collagen!!

RubyCollagen with unique RubySignature
„ Formula


3 pack x 12 bottles x 50ml @ $159.90

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Introducing Unique RubySignature Formula

Unlike normal collagen, RubySignature„ formula is created with a unique and precious blend of ingredients derived from natural sources. It contains micro-collagen and one of mother nature's most powerful antioxidants, astaxanthin (micro-algae extract). Scientifically proven, its anti-oxidant power is 6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 800 times more powerful than CoQ10 and 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

Collagen is necessary to support the skin's structural foundation to improve firmness and elasticity for youthful and supple skin. Astaxanthin serves as the perfect complement by acting as a natural shield against the collagen-depleting procedure. In containing both micro-collagen and astaxanthin, RubySignature„ formula defies the ageing process by performing a vital triple-action of supplying collagen, protecting against collagen degradation and delivering collagen effectively to skin cells. Designed to complement your topical skincare routine, in 6 weeks experience skin rejuvenating power with BRAND'S® InnerShine®RubyCollagen Essence Drink*.

  • Results may vary, recommended to take 2 bottles daily





I take one to two bottles of BRAND'S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence a day and I could feel that my skin is more supple and radiant. Fine lines under my eyes are less visible and there is an improvement is my skin's hydration too.

-xinzz (My Fat Pocket)

The liquid is pinkish in colour and tastes much like sweet cherry. I love it! Definitely one of the better tasting collagens for sure! So palatable to the taste buds. Be sure to chill it in the fridge before drinking! I have about 6 bottles and finished them all within 3 days! I don't know whether was it psychological or was it for real, my skin did feel like it was radiant! And this was even though I didn't sleep well at night because Baby Daniel was coughing a lot and I was afraid he might throw up so I only slept lightly.
- Ju Ann (My Fat Pocket)


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