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Holistic Way Babeskin Sheep Placenta contains extracts equivalent to 20,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta and grape seed extract. It may help support healthy cell renewal and the ability to help promote skin elasticity, for a healthy, smooth and radiant skin that results in a youthful appearance.

60 Softgels

1-2 softgels daily with meals or as recommended by a physician.

Each softgel contains: Sheep Placenta 100:1 €” 200mg (Equivalent to Fresh Sheep Placenta 20,000mg), Grape (vitis vinifera) Seed Extract 120:1 €” 10mg (Equivalent to Grape Seed 1200mg, Proanthocyanidins 9.44mg, OPC 4.3mg, Polyphenols 5.14mg)
Encapsulation aids

NO ADDED: Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, milk, nuts, eggs, fish, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Consult a physician prior to use if you are taking blood thinning medication. Do not take for 7 days before and after any operation. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30°C in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening for maximum potency.


"By taking "Holistic Way• Babeskin Sheep Placenta, it helps in reducing my face pigmentation. The pigment looks lighter and less visible. Moreover, this product helps in skin regeneration and cell renewal. Thus, helps in making the fine lines on my face less obvious and makes me looks younger." - Sally Tan, 60

"There is notable anti-aging properties that helps in my skin after eating this product. I can feel my skin firmer and more elastic. What makes me happier is when my friends and relatives commented on my age that looks younger than my actual age. Thank you "Holistic Way• Babeskin Sheep Placenta for bringing my skin alive.• - Molly, 63

"I strongly believe you are what you eat. I had been taking "Holistic Way• Babeskin Sheep Placenta and supplements for 5 years and I can really feel the difference in my skin! After taking Babeskin, it did aids in my pigmentation problem and I can see the spots on my face getting lightened. Apart from that, my wrinkles seem less visible and this product also helps to clear the dead skin on my face, thus rejuvenate cell growth. Moreover, I even feel my face baby-looked pinkish! I feel young again." - Tracy, 61

"I strongly believe beauty is from within. I have been taking "Holistic Way• Babeskin Sheep Placenta for 3 years and now I am still taking it! I observed my face feels less dry, more fresh and energized after taking Babeskin. Apart from that, I also noticed my skin becomes firmer with more elasticity. Moreover, my pigmentation getting lesser and thus I can feel my skin smoother and more radiant." - Cecille, 30

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Watsons HWB Awards 2014 "Holistic Way• Best Selling PLACENTA Supplement

Watsons HWB Awards 2014 "Holistic Way• Best Selling PLACENTA Supplement

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